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Q.  What is SEO. A. Search engine optimization (optimisation) is the method of , techniques and tactics used to increase the  visitor traffic to a website by obtaining and most importantly retaining a high-ranking placement in the search engine results of a search engine (SERP) such as Google Bing and other search engines. Getting your site to the first page of Google, for your keywords and key phrases on Search Engines. Well this is your first step in the right direction.

We at Walsh Web Works have a number of years experience at this profession. Such as Web design,  SEO. We offer expert results and do not make false promises, like other SEO service providers that offer you unrealistic top spot offers for a keywordand keyphrases, only Google itself can guarantee that, and that could cost you a lot. We deliver realistic results at affordable prices. Most SEO service providers and even web designers will promise you the top spot in Google and other search engines, where in fact this is impossible to guarantee. What we do guarantee is to help you try and achieve first page ranking on the most popular search engine Google and other search engines for your most specific words and key phrase's with great success. For example if you found this site I am "guessing "you searched for something like seo experts or something irrelevant such as, good web design Cork, local website designers. We design great professional websites and have a great team in different locations around Ireland. We can target any location, through a number of the best white hat techniques this is how we make this possible, you will start to see results in 8 to 12 weeks as the search engines start to update their results. (crawling the web)

We specialize in local business and businesses independent trades and traders we target your local and surrounding areas. This is what we focus on and in return your organic traffic will start to grow.  These are just a few steps in digital marketing  SEO and webdesign. So in a short explanation of how to achieve high rankings and giving you a good website and presence on the search engines. If you are looking for expert advertising presence E.commerce web sites to advertise products or just to have your company noticed . How much does it cost to start a web site in Ireland find SEO prices and packages here. Here are endless possibilities Adwords , PPC  (pay per click) organic  search traffic etc. We offer profitable results that are affordable that is why your search result brought you here even with out us implementing basic SEO strategies such as mentioned.

We cater for self employed individuals, tradesmen etc. Every business needs a  website added to their business, most important of all to be found on the search engines and the web. We cater for small and large businesses of every profession. Your unique website will also be a mobile friendly web design a must now in this new era of digital marketing,  we get the jobs done . All this at reasonable and affordable prices, if you are interested in making the best of your business. Just contact us so we can find out the basics of what you need or want to achieve.  Call us at our Cork offices or simply send us an email.

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